// Meeting, Conference & Workshop Facilitation

You’ve got a meeting, conference or workshop to run. You’re starting to think that with the help of a Facilitator it could be more purposeful, energising and satisfying for everyone who attends.

You’re looking for someone who gets your challenge, understands your culture and who’s got the skills and experience to get things done.

As a Certified Professional Facilitator, I can help.

What does my facilitation look like? Well, each project is unique. It could be:

  • A two-hour meeting for three
  • A day-long workshop for 30
  • A five-day conference for 400

Whatever the challenge, the meetings, conferences and workshops that I design and facilitate are always:

  • Purposeful – designed to achieve exactly what you need.
  • Energising – helping participants to contribute their best.
  • Satisfying – because there’s nothing like the glow of getting things done.

Never off the shelf

I don’t believe in off the shelf. Your challenge is unique. Together we will create something that delivers your ambition and compliments the culture of your organisation. We’ll use tools and methods that suit your participants, considering challenge and stretch in places where they can bring real benefit.

Some food for thought

Whilst my work is bespoke, the examples below give a sense of some of the areas that previous meetings, conferences and workshops have touched on.  You might find something that speaks to you, but it’s most likely your brief will sit outside this list.
That’s what’s exciting! As your facilitation partner I can create the exact outcome you seek.

We need to think about this differently

You need a creative session with an approach tailored to the style and comfort level of your group. Creative workshops elicit new ideas from all participants and encourage those who might usually stand back, to join in. Together we can give people the tools and space to experiment, dream and come up with things that might just blow you away.

  • Untied, The UK’s Personal Tax App

  • 6 People, 2 days

  • We need to think creatively to explore the direction and vision for the business

  • “Excellent facilitation of a two day workshop with great insight into the direction for untied, and the team behind it. Working creatively really helped us focus and understand the real drivers for the business, as well as our values.”

    Kevin Sefton // CEO

There must be other ways to do this…

You need your group to come up with a wide range of different ideas on a particular topic. The key to generating great new ideas is inspiring participants with a new perspective or stimulus. Together we’ll figure out and deliver the catalyst for the new ideas you seek.

  • University of Lincoln

  • 50 People, ½ day

  • We need to ideate to make our curriculum more inclusive

  • “Caroline ran a fantastic workshop on embedding diversity and inclusivity in our curriculum. I thoroughly recommend Caroline as an assured, responsive and knowledgeable facilitator.”

    Marcella Forster // Associate Professor

We need to agree on a decision

Whilst the strength of a group is the different perspectives it encompasses, agreement is often hampered by circular debate. Together we can design a structure that weighs up the options from a range of perspectives, and gets you to a meaningful outcome with genuine consensus.

  • GO! Southampton Business Improvement District

  • Group: 15 People, ½ day

  • We need to decide what physical changes would make Southampton City Centre a thriving commercial destination

  • “Caroline facilitated a really thoughtful session which enabled our group of senior stakeholders to explore a range of opportunities and come to considered, meaningful decisions.”

    Giles Semper // Executive Director

I need people to work better together

You need people to understand each other so they work better together. At its core, team building is about building connection through shared experience. This doesn’t have to include wearing a wetsuit or traipsing through mud, together we can build trust and effectiveness whilst remaining warm and dry.

  • The Learning through Landscapes Trust

  • 8 People, 2 hours

  • We need to reconnect as a team and get to know each other better

  • “Our workshop was really well thought out and our team had a lot of fun whilst deepening our understanding of each other. A cracking session with some really brilliant outcomes. Thank you so much for facilitating us!”

    Chloe Atkins // Development Manager

We need to figure out how to get there

Your group needs to identify milestones, sub goals, dependencies and resources to help you reach your ambition. Working together to author one plan helps to create clarity and ownership from participants. Together we can create and use templates to capture macro and micro input and collate it into one meaningful plan.

  • Pfizer European Vaccine Team

  • 30 People, 2 days

  • We need to define and plan our customer engagement activities for the next year.

  • “Without a lot of time, Caroline quickly understood our objectives. Her methods brought out the best in everyone and also helped build team cohesion. She held us accountable to the agenda but was also flexible to meet our needs. We would highly recommend her as a facilitator!”

    Elizabeth Varones // Brand Director

    (Kind thanks to Sean at ProMeet for this connection)

We need to inspire hundreds of people

Your event needs to energise and motivate a big group. Working holistically to design plenaries, workshops, and conference tracks will really make the difference. Together we will implement a layered approach to ensure every speaker and every session bring your core message alive.

  • International Sport and Culture Association

  • 450 People, 3.5 days

  • We need to inspire and equip our attendees to change the game and enable the population to be more active.

  • “Caroline made the speakers shine and the audience center of our MOVE congress. As organizer you are in very good hands with Caroline as facilitator. The Congress had 450 participants from more than 60 countries. Thank you Caroline.”

    Mogens Kirkeby // President of ISCA

    (Kind thanks to Sean at ProMeet for this connection)