// About

Hi. My name is Caroline. I’m a Certified Professional Facilitator based in the UK, and I work with clients from across Europe. I specialise in designing meetings, conferences and workshops that are purposeful, energising and satisfying for those who attend. If every meeting got things done and gave the participants a sense of genuine satisfaction, the world would be a better place.

I gain joy from helping people, and enabling them to get to somewhere better than they were. It’s why I love facilitation – I help people to work together and make progress towards the goal – what could be better?

// Individualised

One of my strengths is understanding what makes others tick, and anticipating how to get the best from each person in a group. Perhaps you work with big characters, lots of introverts or a really diverse range of perspectives? To me it sounds like an exciting opportunity for meaningful interaction.

// Authentic

People describe me as having a gentle warmth, which encourages honest and authentic contributions from participants. This capacity to build trust invites people to contribute more meaningfully to the session and in turn your organisation.

// Energising

How people feel during a meeting is just as important as the outcomes that bring us together. I aim to energise and connect people whilst we get things done so your participants feel uplifted and satisfied from having their time well spent.

Things that bring me joy

  • Spending time in and around water. Be it wild swimming, or being on the beach there’s something about water that makes me feel at peace.

  • Exploring new places in the pursuit of great food and excellent cake. I love food – my next meal is never far from my thoughts.

  • DIY. If you ever want someone to discuss tools, you know where I am.