// LEGO Serious Play

LEGO Serious Play invites participants to build small models in response to a challenge or brief and use them as the basis for conversation. The method uses kinesthetic, visual and listening skills to unlock creativity and find new ways of thinking. It also includes storytelling and metaphor to enhance communication and make ideas sticky long after the session has ended.

Making creativity simple

The beauty of LEGO is it makes creativity accessible to everyone. No worrying about whether you can draw, or if you’re going to be asked to role-play! Participants all have the same tools to communicate their thoughts. It’s also hugely democratic – everyone builds and shares in the same way, meaning that gems are often unearthed from the quieter members of your group.

A tool with a lot of possibility

Working with LEGO, and using LEGO Serious Play builds the energy and the anticipation of participants. It’s regularly cited as the most enjoyable and useful part of workshops that I run. Be it as a 90 minute energiser for a conference of 350, to a two day visioning tool for a start-up, some of the topics it’s great for are:

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Values and behaviours
  • Idea development
  • Team building
  • Innovation
  • Wellbeing

To date, I’ve facilitated over a thousand people using LEGO Serious Play. If you’re curious to know more about this method get in touch and we can explore if this might be the right tool for your challenge.

Participants say:

“LEGO Serious Play totally removed our constraints – we had a room ranging from VP to sales rep and everyone was able to engage, bring ideas and collaborate to generate some amazing outputs that we are already building into new business plans. I’m very much an advocate for the approach”

“Caroline gave an insightful session for our teams. The use of Lego sparked curiosity and thoughts to flow. Caroline was able to get people to really explore these thoughts in a supportive way.”

“We had an amazing session – it is always a bit scary to do something different, but I am so glad that we did – created a great energy, new thinking, ways to be aware of constraint and then change our mindset…not bad for 3 hours with LEGO.”

“Caroline ran a fantastic LEGO Serious Play workshop for us. I thoroughly recommend this entertaining method of problem solving!”

Certified Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play Methods and Materials

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