// Zoom Meetings

However you feel about online meetings, they are a part of our world that is here to stay.
Yes there are clear pros for the climate and saving time, but how exactly do we replicate all of the benefits that come from being in the same space?

We don’t.

Zoom meetings are a completely different animal to face-to-face. One that comes with its own unique possibilities and opportunities. It’s better to use these as the inspiration for a completely new design rather than trying to make a digital copy of an in-person event.

It’s time to get excited. Working digitally is a huge opportunity to innovate. You’ll be able to engage a lot more people, and achieve things you never considered possible in person.

// Purposeful

Designed to achieve exactly what you need. There are tools to make almost anything possible – from virtual informal networking to live polling, post-it note idea generation and using LEGO online you might be surprised at what can be done with a bit of preparation.

// Energising

Helping participants to contribute their best by incorporating shortened agendas, movement breaks, surprise treats and lots of changes of pace.

// Satisfying

Because there’s nothing like the glow of getting things done. When everyone collaborates in a virtual setting the outputs are available for action immediately. No typing up flip charts or losing post-it notes. Simply a neat collection of text that’s ready to use straight away.

Here’s a few of the Zoom meetings that I’ve facilitated recently:

  • University of Oxford

  • 70 people, 2 ½ days

  • We’ve not seen each other in months. We need to update everyone in the department, build our sense of connectedness and work towards some of our strategic priorities.

  • “This was a really good experience of an ‘away’ day, irrespective of being 100% online; I was very impressed at how you handled it, and I hope to work with you again soon.”

    Douglas Thornton, Head of Administration & Finance

  • NHS

  • 27 people, 3 x ½ days

  • Working virtually has exacerbated some of the challenges we already had and we need help to be effective as a group.

  • “Thank you for your care and tenacity in facilitating us to find a route to working better together. Our group isn’t easy, and our time with you has raised morale and put in place foundations that will enable us to make change in the future.”

    Anna Johnson, Patients, Carers, and Volunteers Involvement Manager

  • Civitates

  • 20 people, 2 days

  • We need help designing and running a process to narrow 60 grant applications down to a shortlist of 25.

  • “Caroline did a wonderful job in helping Civitates move a series of important meetings online. She engaged our wide group of stakeholders in a very interactive and diplomatic way. Her tools made our online discussions much more tangible and focused, meaning we got a lot more out of our limited online time together. It was a real pleasure working together,  I highly recommend Caroline for your facilitation needs.”

    Leonie van Tongeren, Fund Manager

5 things I’ve learned whilst facilitating digital meetings

  • Prioritise good sound quality above all other things.
  • Less is more. Short agendas are better as sessions feel more intensive.
  • Build some interaction into the agenda every 10 minutes to keep participants engaged.
  • Don’t wear striped clothes (they make the camera go funny).
  • The tech will go wrong at some point. With planning and a smile we will find a way around it.