I love a tool that makes life simpler, faster and neater. If you’ve not yet come across Calendly then it might just revolutionise your scheduling.

Calendly is a tool that manages your diary. It takes the ‘ping pong’ out of arranging meetings with people from other organisations. No more listing your available dates, only to wait for a reply and then have to send a new list in response to the other person’s availability.

Instead, you simply share link that syncs with your calendar and allows the attendee to choose the slot they would like.

Calendly manages your availability and lets you curate the length and type of meeting that you offer:

Want to offer offer Karen 15 minutes at any time in the week, but Nash two hours one afternoon?

No problem, just create a different link for each.

The icing on the cake…. it integrates with Zoom. Once your attendees select their slot, it sends you both an invite with the meeting link included.

As you can tell, I’m fully converted to Calendly. It’s improved my productivity and I’ve since become a bit of an evangelist about online scheduling tools.

So why not give it go?

(This post is not endorsed by or affiliated to Calendly. There’s a whole host of similar services out there, it’s just the one that works for me.)